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Copyright, CCLI and LicenSing MEMBERS

Dakota Road Music's song catalog is covered under the yearly copyright agreement of, LicenseSing and also CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International.) If your congregation is a member of any of these you already have permission to use DRM songs (please remember to keep track of the songs used and complete your report).

If you would like information on joining any of these organizations you can contact them at: 1-800-663-1501 or 1-800-234-2446 or


Download a Dakota Road Music Copyright Permission Form

Individual Song Copyright (for use by a single congregation) (for those who do not belong to CCLI, or LicenSing)
5 cents per copy for one time use (for copies that are disposed of after use)
10 cents per copy for permanent use (for congregational songbooks or reoccurring bulletin use)
minimum charge - $5.00 per song
maximum congregational charge - $25.00 per song

Yearly Copyright (for those who do not belong to CCLI, or LicenSing) The Dakota Road Music Yearly Copyright License allows your congregation to make an unlimited number of copies each year of all songs and/or liturgies owned or administered by Dakota Road Music. At the end of the year's permission you need to send in a form to register the songs you have used and renew your permission for another year if you choose. The cost is $75 if your average weekly worship attendance is less than 200 or $125 if your average weekly worship attendance is 200 or more.

**Not all songs in our published resources are included in our copyright permission song catalog. Included are all individual songs with: ©Dakota Road Music, administered by Dakota Road Music, ©Hans Peterson, ©Rachel Trelstad, ©Kathie Duncan.

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